The First World War Antiquities Project is the first systematic survey of antiquities taken as souvenirs by Australians during the First World War (1914-1918). It aims to locate, research, and publish information about these antiquities, and to understand both the appeal of antiquities as souvenirs during the war period, and the reasons for bringing them back to Australia.

In 2019 the project is focusing on documenting collections held in Queensland, thanks to a grant from the Federal Department of Veterans' Affairs (GA45668).

The project is an initiative of the RD Milns Antiquities Museum at The University of Queensland.

Do you know about a collection of souvenir antiquities from the First World War? Please let us know.

Recently Added Items

Shabti for Padi-(Hor)-Mehen


A shabti of the Egyptian Late Period in an olive green faience, with areas of a brighter green, probably the original colour, on the nose and…

Minaret, Ramleh

Ruins at Ramleh.jpg

Minaret dating to the 13th century at the White Mosque, Ramla.

Ruins, Ashdod

Fort ruins at Es-Dud.jpg

Ruins of the Umayyad castle on the beach at Ashdod-Yam.

Ruins in the Desert

Ruins in the Desert.jpg

A group of nine soldiers sit on top of the roof of a building, perhaps a temple.

Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria

Museum Alexandria.jpg

Two soldiers stand in the grounds of the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded by ancient scultpure and sarcophagi.