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A shabti of the Egyptian Late Period in an olive green faience, with areas of a brighter green, probably the original colour, on the nose and shoulders. The shabti is mummiform with a nemes headdress and false beard with crosshatching. The arms are…

Ruins at Ramleh.jpg
Minaret dating to the 13th century at the White Mosque, Ramla.

Fort ruins at Es-Dud.jpg
Ruins of the Umayyad castle on the beach at Ashdod-Yam.

Ruins in the Desert.jpg
A group of nine soldiers sit on top of the roof of a building, perhaps a temple.

Museum Alexandria.jpg
Two soldiers stand in the grounds of the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded by ancient scultpure and sarcophagi.

A very worn Sestertius of Hadrian. Obverse: Bust of Hadrian, laureate, right. Inscription obliterated but probably read "HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS" with or without "PP" based on the type. Reverse: Fortuna, draped, seated left on throne, holding rudder on…

Scrap of lined paper on which is written in black ink:  Brought from Abydos 1? hour by motor from Balinana Stn abt 5 or 6th Dynasty. Found in Tomb sacred Talab or fox. No known association with other Sinclair Collection Pieces

tissue reading:  beast waiting to devour unworthy souls at judgement and in a different ink  Anubis? . The identification in each case is not correct and the amulet is certainly a classic representation of taweret. With L.16.033 A

Wrapped with a note in pencil on a scrap of lined paper reading:  petrified Rhinocerus hide from Siwa? In the Libyan Desert. With L.16.032 A

tissue with a modern note recording the identification of the two cartouches. With L.16.029 A
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