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Figure/Head-rest, Terracotta with gesso and pigment, probably modern. Goddess Nut reclines with hands and feet resting on the ground and body facing upwards.

Stone Fragment, Stone, Egyptian Old Kingdom c. 2500 BC. Fragment of stone from top of Sphinx. Roughly shaped, dark substance on one side. Accompanied by an old label and facial tissue with text (L.16.013 B + C)

Figurine, Bronze, Egyptian Late Period?, fragmentary bronze figurine of Osiris (top half only surviving) hollow with good patina. Cracks to front at base. Accompanied by a modern label and facial tissue with text (L.16.014 B + C)

Scarab, Faience, probably modern. Small scarab, pale on top, rough on back with poorly defined glyphs. Wrapped with L.16.015-18

Scarab, Faience, Egyptian Late Period? possibly modern. Small scarab, lustrous green surface, hawk? Glyph on reverse with lines. Wrapped with L.16.015-18

Scarab, Faience/Stone?, Egyptian Roman Period? Small scarab, lustrous green surface, water bird with wing raised on reverse. Wrapped with L.16.015-18

Scarab, faience, Egyptian New kingdom/ Late period, small pale scarab darker on obverse, four well defined glyphs on reverse: Gardiner M17-Aa1-S20-X1 (i-xmt "my seal"?). Wrapped with L.16.015-18

Necklace, faience, Egyptian Late Period, Five strings of blue faience beads (alternating long and short) restrung onto modern thread (c. 1916) and clasped with a scarab which appears to be blue faience but is probably a modern replica with nonsense…

Scarab, faience?, Egyptian late period? possibly modern. Pale buff colour with scarab glyph (L1  xpr) between two filling ornaments. L.16.020-024 wrapped together.

Scarab, stone, Egyptian, perhaps late middle kingdom to second intermediate period? Pale buff, larger than #9 reverse is purely decorative, damage to one corner. L.16.020-024 wrapped together.
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